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Afrilabs welcomes 19 new hubs to supercharge African innovation

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AfriLabs, one of Africa’s leading networks of technology and innovation hubs, to supercharge African innovation.

This expansion marks a significant milestone in AfriLabs’ mission to catalyze innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology-driven growth throughout Africa. By embracing these new hubs, AfriLabs further solidifies its position as a powerhouse, propelling Africa to the forefront of global innovation. The 19 hubs joining the esteemed AfriLabs network are strategically located across various African countries, ensuring a broad and inclusive representation of the continent’s innovation landscape.

By joining forces, AfriLabs and the newly added hubs will facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and resource mobilization, empowering entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators across Africa.

The newly-added hubs include:

1. Enroot (Egypt)

2. Entrepreneurship Center of Social Impact-(Egypt)

3. Ichraf Jarray of Hive12 (Tunisia)

4. Soha Amer of Universite Senghor (Egypt)

5. iZet Hub (Kenya)

6. Knowledge Hub (KHub) (Ethiopia)

7. WiseHub (Kenya)

8. Antler Foundation Nairobi (Kenya)

9. Knight Ventures (Nigeria)

10. Axia Technology & Innovation Hub (Nigeria)

11. Eridan Group (Nigeria)

12. Mainstream Exelient Hub (Nigeria)

13. AfriTech Hub (Ghana)

14. TechHubHarare (Zimbabwe)

15. Acelera (Angola)

16. Afrisource Innovation Center (Namibia)

17. Fondation Bantu Hub (Congo)

18. IDENTIC Foundacion (Equatorial Guinea)

19. LPC Space (Equatorial Guinea).


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