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Nigerian Game Developer Maliyo Becomes the First African Developer to Partner With Disney

In a first for the African continent, Nigerian game developer Maliyo Games has partnered with Disney Games to launch a mobile game based on the new Disney+ animated series “Iwájú.”

Maliyo Games, known for its library of over 40 mobile titles inspired by African themes, brings its expertise to “Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef.”

This culinary adventure game allows players to cook and serve popular Nigerian dishes like Jollof Rice, a staple across West Africa.

“This collaboration perfectly aligns with Maliyo Games’ mission of showcasing African talent and creating high-quality games for a global audience,” said Hugo Obi, founder and CEO of Maliyo Games.

“The ‘Disney Iwájú: Rising Chef’ project exemplifies our team’s ability to deliver exceptional mobile games. I am incredibly proud of our dedicated team who approached this challenge with passion, creativity, and focus.”

Disney Games recognized Maliyo Games’ unique potential for this project.

“Their experience in crafting African-inspired games made them the perfect partner to bring the essence of ‘Iwájú’ to life,” said Sonoko Isioka, executive director of product development at Disney Games.

“Through this collaboration with Disney and Kugali Media, Maliyo Games has infused the game with vibrant Nigerian culture and cuisine, staying true to the spirit of the series.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone for the African gaming industry, showcasing the continent’s creativity and talent on a global stage.

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