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BioNTech Launches First Manufacturing Plant for mRNA Vaccines in Africa in Rwanda

German biotech giant BioNTech has taken a significant step toward its ambitious goal of producing mRNA vaccines in Africa by setting up the first BioNTainer at its manufacturing facility in Kigali, Rwanda.

This marks a crucial milestone just one year after the project’s groundbreaking.

The first BioNTainer, a prefabricated modular unit designed for rapid deployment and efficient mRNA production, represents a $150 million investment fully financed by BioNTech.

The overall facility spans a vast 35,000 square meters and will ultimately employ around 100 staff members once operational.

While full commercial production is still slated for 2025, BioNTech is on track to complete the construction of all buildings at the Kigali site in 2024.

Additionally, the company plans to begin local training for specialized personnel and initiate test mRNA production for process validation within the same year.

BioNTech intends to launch clinical trials in 2024 for vaccine candidates targeting malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV – diseases that claim over two million lives annually in Africa, disproportionately impacting children.

Upon successful development and regulatory approval, BioNTech aims to make these vaccines available to lower-income countries at a non-profit price.

BioNTech’s commitment to bringing mRNA vaccine technology to Africa is not just about building infrastructure but also about fostering partnerships and ensuring equitable access to life-saving vaccines.

The first BioNTainer in Kigali symbolizes a promising step in this direction, offering hope for a future where advanced medical solutions are available to all.

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