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CrossBoundary Energy Raises $50 Million to Accelerate Clean and Reliable Power for African Businesses

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CrossBoundary Energy, a leading provider of clean energy solutions in Africa, has secured $50 million in funding to accelerate the deployment of clean and reliable power solutions for businesses across the African continent.

CrossBoundary Energy specializes in developing and operating distributed solar energy projects for commercial and industrial clients. By offering solar-as-a-service, the company eliminates the upfront costs and operational complexities associated with traditional energy systems. This approach enables businesses to access clean and reliable power, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower energy costs, boosting their competitiveness and sustainability.


The $50 million investment will support CrossBoundary Energy’s ambitious plans to expand its project pipeline, reach new markets, and deepen its impact across the continent. With this funding, the company aims to accelerate the deployment of solar energy systems, providing businesses with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional power sources. With Africa’s energy demand projected to rise significantly in the coming years, the need for scalable and sustainable power solutions has never been more critical.

CrossBoundary Energy’s $50 million funding injection will play a vital role in addressing this challenge and driving the continent towards a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure

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