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FAO to launch fall armyworm research Hub in Kenya to pave way for innovative solutions in crop protection

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Kyosk  The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has announced plans to establish a dedicated Fall Armyworm Research Hub in Kenya.

This initiative aims to provide a comprehensive and collaborative platform for research, knowledge sharing, and effective management strategies to mitigate the impact of this pest on agriculture. The Fall Armyworm Research Hub will be located in Kenya, a country significantly affected by the invasive pest.

Establishing this hub in the heart of East Africa reflects the region’s importance as an agricultural hub and highlights Kenya’s commitment to tackling the challenges posed by the fall armyworm.

This move by the FAO comes in response to the urgent need for targeted research and coordinated efforts to control the spread of the fall armyworm.

The pest, native to the Americas, has rapidly spread across Africa, causing substantial damage to crops such as maize, sorghum, rice, and other staple food crops.

The Research Hub will serve as a focal point for scientists, researchers, and policymakers to collaborate on understanding the biology and behavior of the fall armyworm, as well as developing effective strategies for its management.

The hub aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, develop innovative approaches, and strengthen regional capacity to combat this pest effectively by bringing together experts from different fields and countries.

Through the Fall Armyworm Research Hub, the FAO aims to support national and regional efforts in Africa by providing technical expertise, training, and access to advanced technologies.

The collaborative nature of the hub will foster partnerships between governments, research institutions, and other stakeholders, creating a united front in the battle against the fall armyworm.

This initiative aligns with the FAO’s broader commitment to sustainable agriculture, food security, and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

The hub is expected to strengthen Africa’s response to the fall armyworm.

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