African Changemaker

Faraja Nyalandu

Faraja Nyalandu is a notable social entrepreneur and philanthropist from Tanzania.

She is the founder of Shule Direct, an EdTech platform revolutionizing access to quality education in Tanzania. Through Shule Direct, thousands of students and teachers now have access to digital educational content, interactive resources, and engaging study materials across various subjects and grade levels.

Faraja’s vision behind Shule Direct is to improve access to quality education and support the learning needs of students, especially those in underserved areas.
The platform aims to bridge the educational gap by leveraging technology and making educational resources more accessible and engaging. Apart from her work with Shule Direct, Faraja is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavours.

She has been recognized for her efforts in championing girls’ education, advocating for children’s rights, and promoting social entrepreneurship in Tanzania.
She strives to create a positive social impact through her initiatives and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

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