African Changemaker

Farida Bedwei

Farida Bedwei is a Ghanaian software engineer, tech entrepreneur, and disability rights advocate.

Despite her physical challenges, Bedwei developed a passion
for technology and pursued her education in computer science at the University
of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

After completing her studies, she embarked on a successful
career in the technology industry.
Bedwei is known
for her significant contributions to Ghana’s financial and banking sectors,
having co-founded 
Logiciel Limited, a Ghanaian software company
specializing in financial and banking software solutions. She is also a
Principal Software Engineer at 
Microsoft. Bedwei has
received several awards and recognition for her work, including being named one
of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government.

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Did you know that over 525 million people used the internet in Africa in 2019? If current growth trends continue, almost 75% of Africans are expected to come online by 2030.

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