Felista Aku

In the dynamic landscape of Africa’s burgeoning startup ecosystem, Felista Aku stands out as a driving force behind fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

As the Senior Partnership Officer at AfriLabs, Felista plays a pivotal role in spearheading initiatives that support technology and innovation hubs across the continent. AfriLabs is a pan-African network of technology and innovation hubs renowned for its relentless commitment to nurturing and scaling startups in Africa.

Felista’s unwavering dedication and passion have earned her recognition as a key influencer, contributing significantly to the growth of Africa’s business and technology landscape.

At Afrilabs, she is at the forefront of forging strategic collaborations that enable AfriLabs to extend its reach and impact across the continent.
Her ability to cultivate these partnerships has played a crucial role in securing critical funding and resources to empower AfriLabs’ member hubs and startups.

Through her leadership, Felista has overseen the establishment of groundbreaking initiatives that have accelerated the growth of African startups.
She has been instrumental in creating programs that facilitate access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, enabling entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and make a lasting impact in their communities. Felista is also passionate about gender diversity and women’s empowerment in the tech and startup space.

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