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Ghanaian agri-tech startup Oyster Agribusiness raises $310,000 in funding to accelerate its growth

Oyster Agribusiness, a pioneering agricultural technology startup based in Ghana, has raised $310,000 in funding in its latest investment round.

The funding will further enhance and expand the company’s innovative agri-tech solutions, enabling increased productivity and sustainability within the agricultural sector.

The investment was in the form of grant and debt funding.

Founded in 2018, Oyster Agribusiness is on a mission to empower farmers through cutting-edge technology.

The startup has developed a range of digital tools and services that address critical challenges faced by farmers, including access to real-time weather data, crop monitoring, pest prediction, and market insights.

These solutions aim to improve crop yields, reduce losses, and ultimately increase farmers’ income.

The new investment will enable Oyster Agribusiness to accelerate its product development, expand its market reach, and further invest in research and development to refine its solutions continually.

The startup also aims to establish strategic partnerships with local agricultural organizations, cooperatives, and government agencies to foster knowledge exchange and collaborative initiatives.

As Oyster Agribusiness embarks on this exciting phase of growth, it holds the promise of transforming how farmers approach agriculture in Ghana, potentially serving as a model for innovation in agri-tech across the continent.

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