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Ghanaian Logistics Startup Jetstream Africa Unveils AI-Powered Platform to Boost Cross-Border Trade in Africa

Ghanaian digital freight forwarder Jetstream Africa has launched, an artificial intelligence-powered platform aimed at streamlining cross-border trade across the continent.

This development promises to improve efficiency and accessibility for businesses involved in import and export activities.

The platform will collaborate with local banks to offer trade finance products to creditworthy businesses. Initially available in West Africa, this feature is expected to expand regionally, easing access to essential financial resources for traders. is an evolution of Jetvision, an internal tool previously used by Jetstream Africa. The company reports a 44% increase in monthly shipment volumes per customer after implementing Jetvision internally, highlighting its effectiveness.

Recognizing the broader potential, Jetstream Africa has now opened to all freight forwarders and businesses across Africa.

“Africa’s 50,000 freight forwarders and 2 million export and import businesses are the backbone of the continent’s supply chain,” stated Jetstream Africa CEO Miishe Addy.

“ empowers them with AI-driven solutions, not only improving logistics and financing but also unlocking growth potential.”

This launch comes after Jetstream Africa secured $13 million in pre-Series A funding in 2023, demonstrating their commitment to expanding their digital infrastructure and supporting African trade.

With a proven track record and ambitious goals, Jetstream Africa and are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of African trade.

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