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Ghanaian Startup Kofa Gears Up for Next-Gen Battery Network Launch

Kofa, a Ghanaian startup pioneering Africa’s first multi-use, swappable battery network, has announced the planned launch of its second-generation Kore 2 Swap & Go network.
This innovative system aims to revolutionize urban energy access in West Africa by providing affordable, clean, and readily available power.

Building on the success of its initial Kore1 network launched in early 2023, Kofa’s next iteration boasts significant advancements.
Powered by cutting-edge proprietary IoT with full-edge AI capability, the Kore 2 network offers fully autonomous battery swapping, even in areas with unreliable internet connectivity. This ensures users can access a fresh, charged battery quickly and conveniently, regardless of location.

Furthermore, the AI-powered network unlocks substantial cost savings through high automation and auto-repairing features. This, coupled with the battery’s 30% cost advantage over petrol, makes the Kore 2 solution not only convenient but also budget-friendly.

The highly versatile Kore 2 battery caters to diverse needs, including running essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, and fans for up to 15 hours.
Kofa’s network currently comprises 12 strategically placed swap stations across Accra, some powered by solar energy. With a capacity of over 20,000 monthly battery swaps, the company plans to expand to 80 stations across multiple African cities by the end of 2024.
This ambitious expansion is projected to handle 6,000 batteries, enabling over 100,000 monthly swaps and avoiding 2,160 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually through the Jidi electric motorcycle alone.

“The launch of the Kore 2 network represents a major leap towards accessible and affordable energy in African urban centers,” said Erik Nygard, CEO of Kofa. 

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