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Ghanaian Startup Kofa Partners with TAILG Group to Introduce E-Bikes with Innovative Battery Swap Technology in Africa

Ghanaian startup Kofa, a pioneer in battery network solutions, has teamed up with TAILG Group, a prominent electric vehicle (EV) brand hailing from China, to launch the Jidi electric motorcycle.

This innovative two-wheeler is equipped with cutting-edge battery swap technology, signifying a significant advancement in the EV landscape.

Kofa’s mission revolves around the creation of an affordable and customer-centric electricity network powered by portable batteries and renewable energy sources.

At the core of this endeavor is the Kofa Swap & Go system, a distributed network of batteries and swap stations designed to provide users with immediate access to a fully charged battery in a matter of seconds.

The partnership between Kofa and TAILG Group sets ambitious goals, aiming to deploy 200,000 electric vehicles and establish more than 5,000 battery swap stations across Africa by 2030.

The first shipments of the Jidi electric motorcycle, featuring the innovative battery swap technology, are anticipated to arrive in Ghana by the close of 2023.

Leveraging the benefits of Kofa’s batteries and battery swap networks, the Jidi is poised to reduce rider costs by up to 30 per cent, offering an attractive and eco-friendly transportation option.

The Jidi electric motorcycle is ingeniously designed around Kofa’s extractable battery, allowing for “unlimited battery range” by enabling battery swaps at any of Kofa’s Swap & Go sites.

Over the course of the coming year, Kofa’s swap network will gain momentum in Ghana, with plans to expand into new countries by 2024.

This expansion will see Kofa investing in and building swap infrastructure in various regions, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

The introduction of the Jidi electric motorcycle with its innovative battery swap technology not only marks a significant leap in eco-friendly transportation options but also demonstrates a commitment to addressing urban pollution and reducing carbon emissions in Africa.

This partnership holds great promise for advancing EV adoption and offering sustainable transportation solutions across the continent.

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