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Ghanaian-Swiss Cocoa Upcycling Startup Koa Secures US$15 Million to Revolutionize the Industry

Koa, a Swiss-Ghanaian cocoa upcycling startup, has secured a landmark US$15 million investment in its Series B funding round to transform the cocoa industry with its innovative approach to sustainability and farmer empowerment.

This capital injection was led by the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Fund from Mirova and the Regenerative Growth Fund 1 managed by Zebra Impact and Mirabaud.

The funding will fuel Koa’s ambitious plans to tenfold its current production, empower 10,000 additional cocoa smallholders, and champion regenerative agriculture practices.

By doing so, Koa aims to tackle the twin challenges of food waste and climate change, while simultaneously boosting farm incomes and carving a sustainable path for the future of cocoa.

Unlike the traditional model that discards the juicy cocoa fruit after extracting the beans, Koa sees hidden potential in it.

Through their newly inaugurated processing facility in Ghana, the company ingeniously transforms the fruit pulp into value-added ingredients for the food and beverage industry, creating everything from smoothies and juices to chocolates and snacks.

By collaborating with Ghanaian farmers and sharing its upcycling technology, Koa empowers local communities, generates additional income for families, and reduces food waste on farms.

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