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Egyptian Ed-tech Startup, OBM Education, Secures Funding for Expansion

OBM Education, an Egyptian educational technology startup, has announced a substantial six-figure funding round to expand its presence in Saudi Arabia.

Founded in 2020 by Omar El-Barbary and Ezz El-Din Farag, OBM Education specializes in guiding pre-university students in selecting their college majors and offers access to comprehensive career advice and training programs.

The cornerstone of OBM’s offerings is the Taleb Super App, a revolutionary tool that has had a transformative impact on high school students throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The app provides students with carefully curated content, precise assessments, and premium services to assist them in making informed decisions about their educational and career paths.

OBM Education’s recent funding round has been made possible through a six-figure investment from Value Maker Studio (VMS), further accelerating the company’s expansion efforts in Saudi Arabia.

Omar El-Barbary, co-founder of OBM Education, emphasized the significance of this investment, stating: “Investment is more than capital – it embodies shared visions and unyielding commitment. With VMS, we’re solidifying our resolve to enrich every student’s educational journey.”

This recent funding round builds upon OBM’s previous success in securing a six-figure US dollar investment from EdVentures in August 2022, underscoring the growing recognition and support for the startup’s mission to empower students in their educational and career choices.

OBM Education’s innovative approach and commitment to enhancing the educational journey of students have positioned it as a noteworthy player in the ed-tech industry.

With the support of VMS, the company is well-equipped to expand its influence and provide valuable resources to students in Saudi Arabia, reinforcing its dedication to improving access to quality education and career guidance in the region.

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