Born in Congo, Futi later moved to Jumia Group, where he held the roles of Special Projects Director and Managing Director.

Guy Futi has worked in the corporate world since 2008, beginning his career as the Founder of MAJI WATER, a beverage venture with a social mission to provide clean drinking water to those in need globally.

In 2020, he co-founded ORDA, a food tech SaaS platform with the mission to digitize African restaurants with its cloud-based operating system.

Its core offering is a cloud-based POS system, with the company offering a platform for omnichannel ordering plus a customizable microsite for its restaurant customers. 

Futi says Orda’s best customer is a small restaurant that hasn’t yet jumped on the SaaS train.

Futi and his team are racing to keep building and improving its product, expanding into new markets, and no doubt soon raising more money.




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