Ikpeme Neto

Ikpeme is a Nigerian internal medicine physician and digital health entrepreneur at the forefront of driving innovation and impacting the Nigerian health-tech landscape.

He is the Founder of Wellahealth, a startup building health and financial technology to improve healthcare access and quality across Africa. Wella Health provides affordable and accessible health insurance plans for common illnesses leveraging pharmacies as the point of care.

As the Founder of the health-tech startup, Ikpeme is on a mission to make healthcare financially accessible to low-income communities.
His contributions to the healthcare sector and commitment to leveraging technology for social change have earned him well-deserved recognition and admiration.

Ikpeme Neto’s commitment to societal impact extends beyond business, with his affiliation with PandemicTech, an organization dedicated to supporting innovative solutions for global health challenges, demonstrating his passion for leveraging technology to address critical issues.

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