Isak Pretorius

Isak Pretorius is a true trailblazer with a heart dedicated to uplifting Africa.


As the Group CEO of ForAfrika, he’s not just carrying on a legacy but forging an inspiring path towards a brighter future for the continent. Isak’s journey is rooted in the remarkable legacy of his parents, Peter, and Ann Pretorius, who founded JAM International. From this noble foundation, ForAfrika emerged as a beacon of hope. Isak’s commitment to humanitarian services and business acumen are the driving forces behind ForAfrika’s impactful initiatives. ForAfria is the largest African humanitarian and development organization working for an Africa that thrives.

The organization is driving change on the continent in several sectors, including health, education, water, and food.
Isak’s passion lies in bridging the divide between non-profit and for-profit sectors. He envisions an Africa where development knows no bounds, where prosperity and sustainability walk hand in hand. His insights have contributed to sustainable programs that are changing lives across the continent. As a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) since 2009, he’s part of a global network of leaders shaping the world.

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