Jean-Arsène Houla-Houla is Revolutionizing Gabon's Public Transport via WhatsApp

Jean-Arsène Houla-Houla is making waves in the transportation sector with his innovative solutions to the mobility challenges in Gabon.

In 2020, recognizing the inefficiencies in Gabon’s public transportation system, Houla-Houla founded WebCars, a startup dedicated to carpooling for short distances.

What began as a simple WhatsApp group has now evolved into a comprehensive platform that connects passengers and drivers within trusted networks.

This service allows passengers to plan their trips, ensuring they can avoid the frequent delays and shortages associated with public transport.

For drivers, WebCars offers a means to earn additional income while providing rides to people they know, creating a safer and more reliable travel environment.

Through his startup, WebCars, he aims to address the challenges of unreliable public transportation and provide a reliable, community-based carpooling solution.

By creating a platform that allows users to form carpooling groups with trusted individuals, he is working to make transportation more accessible, efficient, and secure for both passengers and drivers

Before the inception of WebCars, he founded Rehoboth Finance in 2016, where he served as CEO until 2022.

In 2019, he launched Les Génies Solidaires (LGS), an investment fund that aims to foster economic growth and support local businesses.

Jean-Arsène holds a degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Science and Technology of Masuku and a master’s degree in accounting and finance from the National Institute of Management Sciences.

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