Joe Kinvi 

He  is a notable figure in the African tech investment landscape.

He has a strong background in finance, having held significant roles such as Head of Finance at Touchtech Payments, which was acquired by Stripe, as well as positions at Stripe and Paystack.

His journey began with an education in Accounting and Finance at the Dublin Institute of Technology, followed by a career start at Ernst and Young, one of the world’s big four accounting firms.

Kinvi’s career path transitioned from accounting to the tech investment space, illustrating a successful shift from traditional finance to entrepreneurship and investment in the tech sector.

He is the co-founder of HoaQ, an investor community with over 100 investments across Africa and its diaspora.

HoaQ is particularly notable for its role in backing entrepreneurs and creating scalable businesses for Africa and its diaspora.

The club boasts over 300 members and investors from 14 different countries, focusing on early-stage startups serving Africa and the diaspora.

He is also the Founder of Stealth Startup.

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