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Kenya Receives $1 Billion Digital Transformation Boost from Microsoft and G42

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A landmark digital transformation initiative for Kenya has been announced, with Microsoft and UAE-based artificial intelligence (AI) leader G42 pledging an initial investment of $1 billion.

The project, spearheaded by Kenya’s Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy, aims to significantly enhance the country’s digital infrastructure and empower its citizens.

The agreement signifies a major step forward in Kenya’s digital journey.

G42 will take the lead in securing the initial investment and collaborating with local partners to establish a state-of-the-art data center complex.

This eco-friendly facility will utilize geothermal energy and water conservation technologies, ensuring sustainable operations.

A key highlight of the initiative is the establishment of a new East Africa Cloud Region for Microsoft Azure.

This cloud platform, operational within 24 months of the final agreements, will be hosted within the new data center and provide enhanced access to Microsoft’s cloud services across the region.

Beyond infrastructure, the partnership focuses on fostering innovation and digital skills development. Initiatives include:

  • Swahili/English AI Development: G42 has already begun training open-source language AI models in both Swahili and English, leveraging their US data infrastructure.
  • East African Innovation Lab: A collaborative effort to be established in Nairobi, offering businesses and organizations support in developing and implementing cloud and AI solutions.
  • Digital and AI Skills Training: The program encompasses various digital and AI skills training opportunities, including a cybersecurity training program targeting over 2,000 individuals annually.

The project further emphasizes expanding internet connectivity within Kenya and collaborating with the government to ensure secure and reliable cloud services across East Africa.

This comprehensive digital transformation initiative positions Kenya at the forefront of technological advancement in Africa, fostering innovation, economic growth, and improved access to technology for its citizens.

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