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Kenya secures $21 million from AfDB to support women and youth entrepreneurs in Agriculture

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AfDB approves $21 million to support Kenyan youths and women entrepreneurs in agriculture.

The African Development Bank (AFDB) has approved a $21 million financing to support Kenyan youths and women entrepreneurs in agriculture. With agriculture being a crucial sector in the country, contributing to employment, food security, and economic growth, this funding is poised to make a meaningful impact. The approved financing package will provide financial resources, technical assistance, and capacity building to Kenyan youths and women involved in various agricultural value chains.

The ultimate goal is to enhance their productivity, competitiveness, and overall business operations, thus creating a more conducive environment for entrepreneurship in agriculture.


The AFDB aims to address critical challenges faced by young and women entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector through targeted interventions and initiatives. This includes access to finance, technical know-how, market linkages, and relevant training opportunities. By bridging these gaps, the AFDB strives to unlock the untapped potential within the agricultural industry and empower a new generation of agripreneurs. The financial support will be channeled towards diverse activities, including:

  • Providing loans and credit facilities to aspiring and existing youth and women entrepreneurs in agriculture.

  • Investing in innovative agribusiness start-ups and initiatives that have high growth potential.

  • Facilitating access to modern technologies, equipment, and machinery to enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Delivering tailored training programs and mentorship to develop business skills and entrepreneurial acumen.

  •  Strengthening value chains and promoting market integration for agricultural products.

  • Promoting sustainable agricultural practices and climate resilience among entrepreneurs.

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