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Kenyan Clean Cookstove Company BURN Secures $12 Million to Expand Across Africa

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BURN Manufacturing, a leading Kenyan clean cookstove producer, has secured $12 million to accelerate the distribution of its clean cooking solutions across Africa.

This investment, led by Key Carbon Ltd., a company specializing in carbon project finance, will allow BURN to increase access to cleaner cooking options for millions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The funding builds on a successful partnership between BURN and Key Carbon.

In 2021, Key Carbon provided $25 million, enabling BURN to make their cookstoves more affordable.

This latest investment will focus on expanding distribution of electric cookstoves in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, while promoting biomass cookstoves in Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, and Mozambique over the next two years.

Traditional cooking methods, reliant on firewood and charcoal, pose significant health, environmental, and economic challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Roughly 950 million people depend on these methods, leading to respiratory illnesses, deforestation, and increased carbon emissions.

Additionally, the burden of fuel collection often falls on women and girls, limiting their opportunities.

Peter Scott, BURN’s Founder and CEO, highlights the company’s impact:

“Since 2014, our industry-leading stoves have transformed lives for over 24 million people.”

This new investment is expected to reach an additional 1.5 million and avoid over 12 million tons of carbon emissions in the next seven years.

BURN’s expansion, fueled by carbon finance innovation, offers a promising path towards cleaner cooking and a healthier future for millions across Africa.

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