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Kenyan Climate-Tech Startup SunCulture Secures $27.5 Million to Empower Smallholder Farmers

SunCulture, a Kenyan company providing solar-powered irrigation solutions and agricultural technology to smallholder farmers, has secured a significant investment of $27.5 million in a Series B funding round.

This funding will fuel the company’s growth and development of new products aimed at empowering smallholder farmers.

SunCulture’s focus is on increasing food production through a combination of climate-smart technologies, financial resources, and a digital marketplace specifically designed for smallholder farmers.

They currently hold a dominant position in Sub-Saharan Africa, boasting over 50% market share for solar irrigation systems.

Their innovative solar-powered water pumps and irrigation systems have been a game-changer, providing farmers with improved water access, reduced labor requirements, and ultimately, increased crop yields.

The funding round attracted a diverse range of international investors, including well-known names like Reed Hastings and The Schmidt Family Foundation, alongside infrastructure and development-focused entities like InfraCo Africa Limited and Acumen Fund. Existing investors, including EDF Group, Equator, and the Acumen Resilience Agriculture Fund (ARAF), also participated in the round.

This significant investment will allow SunCulture to expand its product offerings, enter new markets, and further develop its technological platform.

The ultimate goal is to enhance smallholder farmer productivity and equip them with the tools they need to be more resilient in the face of climate challenges.

“This is a critical moment for SunCulture, our team, and the farmers we serve,” said Samir Ibrahim, CEO and co-founder of SunCulture.

“The investment is a true reflection of our team’s dedication and hard work. It strengthens our commitment to making agriculture more profitable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. With this fresh injection of capital, we are poised to accelerate our impact and deliver our transformative technology to a wider network of farmers across the globe.”

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