Lilian Makoi Rabi

Lilian is a trailblazing Tanzanian tech entrepreneur, passionate about technology, financial inclusion, and innovations for the underserved.

Lilian’s entrepreneurial journey began with a powerful vision – to provide affordable health insurance for all Africans. With unwavering determination, she founded Jamii Africa, an innovative tech-driven platform that’s rewriting the rules of healthcare access.

Through Jamii Africa, she has shattered barriers, making health insurance accessible to millions who were previously excluded.
As a tech entrepreneur, Lilian understands the boundless potential of technology in transforming lives. Her relentless pursuit of digital solutions has seen her go on to co-found a number of tech startups, including Mipango App.

MipangoApp is an AI-enabled personal finance app for the Africa Market. It enables users to track their income and expenses, set financial goals and get personalized financial advice and investment opportunities.
Lilian’s unwavering determination, innovative spirit, and dedication to improving lives have seen her win several accolades, including being named the Most Innovative Woman in Technology by The World Economic Forum.

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