Mawuse Christina Gyisun

Mawuse Christina Gyisun is a Ghanaian award-winning social entrepreneur passionate about permanently breaking the poverty cycle in rural communities.

She is the co-founder of Sommalife, an agritech social enterprise that empowers smallholder women farmers in West Africa. Sommalife provides support services for local producers to increase their business income and contribute to environmental conservation sustainably.

Mawuse has over ten years of experience in the development sector, focusing on women’s empowerment and agritech.
She is a passionate advocate for gender equality and believes that empowering women farmers is essential to achieving food security and sustainable development.

Under Mawuse’s leadership, Sommalife has reached thousands of women farmers in northern Ghana.
The company provides women farmers access to finance, training, and market linkages. Sommalife has also helped to protect over 630 acres of shea parklands in the Upper West Region. Mawuse’s work has been recognized by several awards, including the African Women in Agribusiness Award and the Young Agripreneur of the Year Award.

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