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Moroccan Healthtech Firm Sobrus Expands to France to Deliver Healthcare Solutions on Global Scale

Moroccan health-tech firm Sobrus has announced a significant expansion into the French market after achieving a remarkable milestone of surpassing $500 million in transaction volumes.

The company’s strategic move to enter France reflects its growing presence and commitment to delivering innovative healthcare solutions on a global scale.

Founded to revolutionize the healthcare industry through technology, Sobrus has rapidly emerged as a frontrunner in the digital health landscape.

The company’s platform offers a range of services that streamline healthcare access.

Sobrus’ recent achievement of crossing $500 million in transaction volumes underscores its successful integration of technology to improve healthcare experiences.

The expansion into the French market marks a significant step forward for Sobrus.

By leveraging its expertise and proven track record in Morocco, the company aims to replicate its success in France and contribute to enhancing healthcare services in the country.

Sobrus’ expansion is expected to introduce a range of benefits to the French healthcare landscape.

The company’s success story has been primarily rooted in its pioneering platform, “Sobrus Pharma,” which has become the backbone of over 5,000 pharmacies in Morocco.

This innovative platform seamlessly connects pharmacies, distributors, wholesalers, and pharmaceutical laboratories, streamlining the flow of medicines and healthcare products.

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