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Moroccan proptech startup Agenz has secured $1.3 million pre-Series A funding

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Propel, a Nigerian talent-matching startup that builds sustainable talent pipelines for communities, has raised $2.74 million in seed funding.

The funding will be instrumental in scaling the startup’s AI-powered real estate platform, which leverages advanced technologies to streamline property transactions and deliver a seamless property search experience. The investment round attracted notable investors, including Azur Innovation Management Fund, MITC Capital – Maroc Numeric Fund Fund II, and beenok, an international investment fund.


Founded in 2021, Agenz incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to provide valuable insights and personalized recommendations to property professionals and prospective buyers. Agenz aims to simplify and optimize the property search process, making it more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly. Agenz’s AI-powered platform offers a range of features and benefits to property professionals and individuals seeking their dream homes.


The platform enables real estate agents to efficiently manage their property listings, automate tedious administrative tasks, and gain valuable market insights to better serve their clients. Agenz’s ambitious plans to scale its AI-powered real estate platform align with Morocco’s growing proptech landscape and the increasing demand for digital solutions in the property market.

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