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Nigerian AgTech Startup UfarmX Partners with Africa GreenTec to Help Farmers Tackle Post-Harvest Challenges

Nigerian AgTech startup UfarmX has joined forces with Africa GreenTec, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions to empower women farmers in Senegal through customized solutions that promote sustainable development across the country’s agricultural value chain.

UfarmX connects farmers with quality inputs, facilitates market access post-harvest, and offers data-driven insights for scaling operations.

Following their November expansion to Senegal, they have announced a collaboration with Africa GreenTec to address the challenges faced by women farmers amidst climate change.

The partnership features a pilot program offering subsidized solar-powered storage containers to women farmers.

This innovative approach contrasts with traditional models requiring expensive upfront purchases, providing a more accessible and sustainable solution to mitigate climate risks.

“UfarmX understands the urgency of addressing climate change’s impact on agriculture,” stated Alexander Zanders, CEO of UfarmX.

“Our partnership with Africa GreenTec reflects our shared commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment. Together, we aim to safeguard livelihoods, preserve ecosystems, and lessen the adverse effects of climate change.”

Africa GreenTec’s solar-powered solutions offer a clean and reliable alternative to traditional energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and environmental degradation.

Integrating these technologies with UfarmX’s agricultural platform aims to enhance productivity, efficiency, and resilience within Senegal’s farming communities.

“This collaboration offers a holistic approach to supporting women farmers in Senegal,” said Anna Ndiaye, managing director of Africa GreenTec.

“We are delivering customized solutions that promote sustainable development and empower communities across the agricultural value chain.”

This partnership signifies a promising step towards addressing the crucial issues of climate change and gender disparity in Senegal’s agricultural sector.

By combining innovative technologies with a focus on community empowerment, UfarmX and Africa GreenTec pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable future for Senegalese agriculture.

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