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Nigerian B2B e-commerce startup Sabi raises $38 million in Series B funding

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Sabi, a prominent B2B African e-commerce platform, has raised $38 million in Series B funding at a valuation of $300 million.

The substantial valuation was driven by a consortium of investors, including Commerz Ventures, Norrsken22, Fluent Ventures, Proof VC and pan-African early-stage investors CRE Venture Capital and Capital. The funding injection will fuel Sabi’s expansion plans, enhance its technological infrastructure, and bolster its market presence across multiple African countries.


Sabi’s platform seeks to revolutionize how B2B transactions are conducted in Africa, providing a seamless digital marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect, negotiate, and trade goods and services. By leveraging technology and economies of scale, Sabi has successfully transformed the traditional B2B landscape, simplifying complex procurement processes and streamlining supply chains for businesses of all sizes.


The new funding will enable Sabi to develop its platform further, enhancing its features and user experience. Additionally, Sabi plans to invest significantly in its logistics network and expand its reach to underserved regions, ensuring that businesses across Africa can access a reliable and efficient B2B e-commerce ecosystem. The success of Sabi reflects the increasing investor interest in African startups and highlights the untapped opportunities within the B2B e-commerce space.

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