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Nigerian Retail-Tech Startup OmniRetail Begins Series A Fundraising Round With Goodwell

Nigerian retail technology company OmniRetail has launched its Series A fundraising round with an initial investment from Goodwell Investments, a leading impact investor.

Founded in 2019, OmniRetail focuses on building digital solutions for Africa’s vast informal retail sector.

Through its B2B platform, Omnibiz, and complementary tools like OmniPay and Mplify, the company equips small retailers with the resources they need to streamline product procurement, build credit, and optimize their businesses for growth.

OmniRetail has already onboarded over 140,000 retailers and 90 brands, solidifying its position as a key player in transforming the regional retail landscape.

Goodwell Investments, alongside long-term partner Alitheia Capital, provided the initial funding for the Series A round through its uMunthu II fund.

This investment marks a significant step for OmniRetail as it seeks to expand its reach and empower informal retailers across Africa.

“Africa urgently needs a robust digital infrastructure to support its thriving informal retail sector,” said Archit Bagaria, Head of Investments at OmniRetail.

“Informal retailers are the backbone of many African economies, and by providing them with the tools they need, we can ensure a more efficient distribution of essential goods, healthcare, and financial services.”

“We are excited to partner with Goodwell, a leading impact investor dedicated to supporting innovative businesses in emerging markets,” Bagaria added.

“This initial investment is a springboard for our journey to revolutionize retail across Africa through a comprehensive digital infrastructure platform.”

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