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Nuru, has received funding of over $40 million to scale its renewable energy business in the DRC

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Nuru, a leading renewable energy company, has secured over $40 million in a Series B equity funding round. Nuru, a leading renewable energy company, has secured over $40 million in a Series B equity funding round.

This significant investment will empower Nuru to expand its efforts in providing access to clean and sustainable energy solutions in DR Congo, heralding a new era of progress and environmental stewardship. The funding round was led by prominent international investors, including the IFC – International Finance Corporation, The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), the REPP (Renewable Energy Performance Platform), Proparco, E3 Capital (formerly Energy Access Ventures), Voltalia, The Schmidt Family Foundation, Gaia Impact Fund, and the Joseph Family Foundation.


Founded in 2015, Nuru has emerged as a frontrunner in the renewable energy landscape, leveraging innovative technologies to deliver affordable and reliable energy solutions to underserved communities in the DRC. With this latest funding injection, Nuru is poised to accelerate its operations and make substantial strides in expanding renewable energy access, particularly in remote areas where traditional energy infrastructure is limited.


The investment will be utilized to bolster Nuru’s existing operations, including the deployment of additional solar power systems, the establishment of mini-grids, and the implementation of energy storage solutions. Nuru aims to address the diverse energy needs of communities, supporting households, businesses, and public institutions with reliable and sustainable power sources by adopting this multi-faceted approach,


As Nuru sets its sights on scaling up its operations, the Series B funding marks a turning point in the quest for widespread renewable energy access in the DRC. It serves as a beacon of hope, showcasing the potential of innovative solutions to address energy poverty while mitigating climate change’s adverse effects.

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