Placidius Castus Rwechungura

Placidius Castus Rwechungura is a visionary tech entrepreneur making a significant impact on the agricultural sector in Tanzania.


He is the Founder and CEO of Agripoa Company Ltd, a Tanzanian-based startup that provides a mobile app and web platform to help farmers plan, monitor, and analyze their farm activities. Rwechungura’s passion for agriculture and technology is evident in his work at AgriPoa. He started the company in 2019 with the goal of using technology to make agriculture more efficient and profitable for farmers.

The AgriPoa app provides farmers with a variety of features, including a crop calendar that helps farmers plan their plantings and harvests and a pest and disease tracker that helps farmers identify and manage problems early on.
Rwechungura’s work with AgriPoa has been recognized by several awards, including the Best ICT Company of the Year (2021) in Digital Farming from the Prime Minister of Tanzania and the Minister of Science and Technology. Rwechungura is committed to using technology to improve the lives of farmers and believes that AgriPoa can help farmers increase their yields, reduce their costs, and access new markets.

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