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Sawari Ventures to Back Egyptian Tech Startups with New $150 Million Fund

Cairo-based venture capital firm Sawari Ventures has announced a plan to launch a new $150 million investment fund dedicated to supporting Egyptian startups.

This comes amidst reports of a funding slowdown in the African tech ecosystem during 2024.

“This fund aims to bolster sustainable growth across various sectors, including education, healthcare, fintech, green tech, and deep tech initiatives,” stated Hani Al Sanbati, CEO and co-founder of Sawari Ventures.

“We believe these areas hold immense potential for positive impact in Egypt and beyond.”

Sawari Ventures, established in 2010, boasts a history of backing over 500 startups, including 19 early and growth-stage companies in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

With a focus on digitizing the Egyptian economy and fostering regional financial inclusion, fintech represents a significant portion (35%) of the firm’s portfolio.

Expressing optimism about the prevailing economic climate, Al Sanbati emphasized the company’s belief in the continued viability of investing in tech startups.

He downplayed the potential impact of past challenges faced by tech companies, asserting their long-term growth potential.

Projections suggest that Egyptian startups backed by Sawari Ventures could attract investments ranging from $350 million to $500 million over the next five years.

“Exits are an integral part of our strategy, allowing us to reinvest in other promising tech ventures,” added Al Sanbati.

This announcement follows a trend of renewed commitment to the African tech ecosystem in 2024.

Several Egyptian startups, including FriendyM, Zeal, Bosta, DXwand, Yodawy, and Roboost, secured funding in January.

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