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South African VC firm REdimension raises more than $10m to support proptech startups in Africa

South African venture capital firm, REdimension Capital, has secured over $10 million for its inaugural fund, the REdimension Real Estate Technology and Sustainability Fund I.

The fund aims to provide much-needed financial backing and support to innovative startups and entrepreneurs with transformative solutions in the property technology sector.

The fund has been designed to address the challenges faced by the African real estate sector and to nurture cutting-edge technologies that bring about efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to the industry.

As urbanization continues to surge across the continent, there is a growing demand for smarter, more sustainable, and tech-driven solutions in the real estate sector.

Redimension Capital aims to identify and support startups and entrepreneurs who have the potential to disrupt the traditional real estate market with innovative platforms, tools, and services.

The fund will seek out companies focusing on property listing platforms, virtual property tours, property management software, innovative home solutions, and blockchain-based real estate solutions.

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