The African Child

Meaning of the painting: “The African Child” is a symbolic masterpiece conveying the potential and dreams of Africa. The artwork portrays the fragility and resilience of these dreams, emphasizing our collective responsibility to protect and nurture our heritage. The shadow of the African map falling on the child signifies the need for vigilance, and the hidden Eye of Horus serves as a reminder to safeguard the future. In essence, the artwork is a powerful call to action, urging us to celebrate, protect, and nurture the dreams embodied in the vibrant souls of African children.

Size of the Painting: 70cm by 100cm

Material Used: Charcoal on paper

Artist Bio

Theophilus Salankole

Theophilus Salankole, known as Theo’s Artz, is a 20-year-old emerging artist and architecture student from Freetown, Sierra Leone. Specializing in charcoal, his artworks intricately weave themes of heritage and resilience. Theo’s academic pursuit in architecture informs his creative process, blending aesthetic sensibility with structural awareness.

Exhibiting at venues like “Open Mic Night” at The Creative Hub Africa, he has already gained recognition for his thought-provoking narratives. Under the moniker Theo’s Artz, he envisions contributing meaningfully to the creative landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of aesthetics and functionality.

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