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Yango Delivery Launches Cargo Express to Streamline Large Item Deliveries in Africa

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Yango Delivery, a leading logistics platform in Africa, has announced the launch of Cargo Express, a new feature designed to improve the delivery of bulky items across the continent.

Cargo Express addresses a critical need in the region’s rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

Customers in major cities like Accra, Abidjan, and Lusaka will now benefit from a streamlined process for delivering large furniture, appliances, and other cumbersome goods.

“The rise of online shopping demands reliable solutions for bulky items,” said Ireoluwa Obatoki, Head of Business Development for Africa at Yango Delivery.

“Cargo Express fills this gap by offering a dependable and transparent service.”

Yango Delivery’s Cargo Express provides access to a fleet of vehicles specifically suited for large cargo transportation.

Customers can expect upfront pricing, eliminating any surprises upon checkout. The in-app platform also allows for real-time order tracking and keeps users informed throughout the delivery process.

This new offering complements Yango’s existing services, which include ride-hailing, motorbike delivery, and food delivery, creating a comprehensive suite of daily conveniences within a single app.

The launch of Cargo Express underscores Yango Delivery’s dedication to leveraging technology to enhance urban delivery experiences in Africa.

By providing clear pricing and efficient solutions, the company aims to empower both customers and local logistics partners.

“Cargo Express creates new revenue opportunities for our local partners and couriers while ensuring a more transparent delivery landscape in Africa,” Obatoki added.

This initiative builds upon Yango Delivery’s past efforts to improve its services.

In December 2023, the company partnered with MTN to provide free data plans for drivers, and in February 2024, they increased ride-hailing fares to support driver livelihoods.

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