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African Cooling Tech Pioneer Inspira Cooling Secures $1 Million Investment From CEI Africa to Combat Food Loss

InspiraFarms Cooling, a leading provider of sustainable cooling solutions for Africa’s fresh produce industry, has secured a €1 million investment from the Foundation for Clean Energy and Energy Inclusion for Africa (CEI Africa).

This strategic partnership aims to expand access to efficient cold storage infrastructure across the continent, tackling food waste and empowering rural communities.

Only 5% of African fresh produce enters the cold chain compared to Europe’s 94%. This stark disparity results in devastating losses – 30-50% of food spoils before reaching consumers.

InspiraFarms Cooling has stepped in with its innovative precooling and cold chain technology, tailored for African markets. From cold rooms and pre-coolers to packhouses and long-term storage facilities, their solutions offer:

  • Reduced food loss: Extending shelf life and minimizing spoilage.
  • Lower energy costs: Utilizing renewable energy options for sustainable operation.
  • Market access: Equipping producers to meet stringent export standards.
    Economic empowerment: Generating high-quality rural jobs and boosting incomes.
  • Beyond Profit: CEI Africa’s investment recognizes InspiraFarms Cooling’s commitment to both economic and environmental impact. Their solutions not only combat food waste but also:
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Food loss accounts for 3.7% of global GHGs, and minimizing it plays a crucial role in climate change mitigation.
    – Promote renewable energy: Their designs prioritize compatibility with clean energy sources.

InspiraFarms Cooling’s journey embodies the potential of technology to drive positive change.

With CEI Africa’s backing, they are poised to revolutionize Africa’s cold chain landscape, ensuring a future where food loss is minimized, rural communities thrive, and sustainability reigns supreme.

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