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Akintola Adesanmi

Akintola Adesanmi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spleet, a proptech startup dedicated to revolutionizing housing solutions in Nigeria and beyond.

As the CEO of Spleet, Akintola has made it his mission to transform how prospective tenants search for and experience housing.

Through innovative approaches and forward-thinking strategies, he has built a platform that offers flexible and convenient housing solutions tailored to the needs of modern lifestyles.

Akintola’s expertise and deep understanding of the housing market have positioned Spleet as a leading player in the industry.

Founded in 2018 from the need to find rentals with flexible payment options in Lagos as opposed to the usual one or two-year upfront payment options, Spleet allows homeowners to rent to vetted individuals while helping people easily find places to stay.

Akintola is also an angel investor, building and backing tech and tech-enabled businesses.


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