Asmau Ahmed

Asmau Ahmed is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, technology advocate, and beauty expert.

She is the founder and CEO of Plum Perfect, a mobile app that helps users find the perfect shade of makeup for their skin tone. Ahmed was born in Nigeria and raised in the United States. She studied chemical engineering at the University of Virginia and business administration at Columbia Business School. After graduating, she worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

In 2014, Ahmed founded Plum Perfect after being frustrated with the difficulty of finding the right shade of makeup.
The app uses artificial intelligence to match users’ skin tone to the perfect shade of makeup. Ahmed is also a passionate advocate for women in technology and entrepreneurship. She is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and has spoken at various conferences and events on the topics of technology and entrepreneurship.

In 2016, Ahmed was named one of the “Top 26 Women of Color Diversifying Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, Media, and Beyond” by Vanity Fair.
She was also recognized as a “Top Woman in Digital” by Cynopsis Media and “Black Business and Tech Professionals Changing the Game” by The Huffington Post. Ahmed is a role model for women and entrepreneurs around the world and an inspiration to many.

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