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Babatunde Morgan

I was born at Lungi, Tintafore Port Loko District, but have spent my entire life in Freetown. Attended a village primary school at Murray Town and later attended the W.A.M collegiate school until I sat my g.c.e’o’level with my best grade in art and crafts.
Gifted with the talent of drawing from comics since I was in primary
school and continue to draw until it became a passion and started to
pursue art.
later, I was privileged to work with one of Sierra Leone’s prominent
artist and educator Louise Metzger commonly known as ‘Gaga’ who was the proprietress of Gaga Gallery.(a gallery showcasing Sierra Leone’s local art) in the course of working i studied printing as well at SOS Vocational Training Centre and graduated as an offset lithographer in camera work
and copy preparation (pre-press).
I then pursued other courses in a+ and networking (n+). presently, i am
more involved in graphic arts and designs (self-taught and via YouTube)
I am currently working at nabs tech (a printing firm) and as a
demonstrator at the Faculty of Communication Media and Information
studies, Fourah Bay College, university of sierra leone teaching print
layout and graphics.
art is my passion and I will continue to pursue that

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