Breaking Barriers: Twiga Foods' Journey to Transforming Africa's Food System

This week, we shine a spotlight on Twiga Foods, a groundbreaking company that is reimagining the way food supply chains operate in Africa.

With a mission to create efficient, transparent, and sustainable food systems, Twiga Foods has emerged as a catalyst for change, positively impacting farmers, vendors, and consumers alike. Twiga Foods was founded in Kenya in 2014 by Grant Brooke and Peter Njonjo. Their shared vision was to address the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in accessing reliable markets and fair prices for their produce.


Starting with a focus on bananas, Twiga Foods gradually expanded its operations to include a diverse range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and staple crops. Since its inception, Twiga Foods has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by its innovative approach and transformative impact.

The company’s commitment to leveraging technology to streamline the supply chain has led to significant advancements in the agricultural sector across Africa.


At the core of Twiga Foods’ mission is the belief that everyone deserves access to affordable, high-quality food.

They envision a future where smallholder farmers can thrive, vendors can access a reliable fresh produce supply, and consumers can enjoy nutritious and affordable food options.


Twiga Foods strives to empower farmers by providing them with a fair market for their produce, reducing post-harvest losses through efficient logistics, and offering access to financial services.

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