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Changing the Game: What Can Africa Learn From This Startup Disrupting Healthcare Access In Nigeria?

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In this week’s edition of the startup spotlight, we feature Nigerian health-tech startup Wella Health.

With a mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all Nigerians, Wella Health is harnessing the power of technology to bridge the gap between patients and essential medical services. Founded in 2014, Wella Health is a Nigerian-based startup driven by a vision to revolutionize healthcare delivery. 


Under the leadership of Ikpeme Neto, they have set out on a mission to leverage technology and innovation to ensure that no Nigerian is left behind when it comes to accessing vital medical care. Wella Health created a user-friendly and accessible digital platforms that connect individuals with healthcare providers, making the process seamless and convenient.


Their flagship product, the Wella Health app, serves as a one-stop solution for Nigerians to find trusted doctors, book appointments, and receive personalized healthcare recommendations – all at their fingertips. By leveraging technology and human capital, they are breaking down barriers that hinder healthcare accessibility and ensuring that Nigerians can receive the care they need, regardless of their location or financial situation.


Wella Health has successfully connected thousands of patients with reputable healthcare providers, improving access to critical services such as primary care, mental health, and women’s health. Through their innovative platform, they are reducing waiting times, improving patient-doctor communication, and enhancing overall healthcare experiences for all.

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