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Unleashing the Power of Tech Education: How Ethiopia's Gebeya is Bridging the Skills Gap and Driving Tech Excellence

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This week on the Startup Spotlight, we feature Gebeya, an innovative ed-tech startup based in Ethiopia.

Gebeya is revolutionizing the education landscape and empowering individuals to thrive in the digital era. At Gebeya, their mission is to bridge the skills gap and unlock the potential of talented individuals across Africa by providing them with high-quality tech education and connecting them with rewarding job opportunities.


Founded in 2016, Gebeya aims to democratize access to tech education and opportunities, particularly for underrepresented communities in Ethiopia. They aim to equip individuals with in-demand tech skills, foster a culture of continuous learning, and facilitate seamless integration into the digital workforce.


By doing so, they are building a future where talent knows no boundaries and every individual has the chance to thrive. Their comprehensive training programs have empowered thousands of students and professionals to acquire skills in software development, data science, AI, cybersecurity, and more.


Gebeya’s impact extends beyond individual success stories. By nurturing a skilled tech workforce, they drive innovation, foster entrepreneurship, and attract investment in Ethiopia’s tech ecosystem.

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