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HearX Group: The SA Health-Tech Startup Making Hearing Healthcare Easy, Accessible, and Affordable For Everyone

Meet HearX Group startup on a mission to revolutionize the world of audiology and hearing healthcare.

HearX Group is a South African startup developing innovative digital solutions to improve access to hearing healthcare.

Who is HearX Group?

Founded in 2015, HearX Group has swiftly become a trailblazer in the field of hearing healthcare technology.

This Pretoria-based startup combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for improving access to hearing care solutions.

Their journey began with a simple but powerful vision: to provide affordable, accessible, and accurate hearing screening solutions to people all over the world.

What Do They Do?

HearX Group specializes in developing innovative hearing health solutions that leverage the power of digital technology.

They have harnessed the capabilities of smartphones and tablets to create easy-to-use hearing screening and diagnostic tools.

Their flagship product, hearScreen, is a mobile application designed to perform accurate hearing screenings.

This app has transformed hearing assessments, making them more accessible and cost-effective, particularly in remote and underserved areas.

The startup also offers a suite of services for healthcare professionals, including hearTest and hearDigits, which enable comprehensive audiometry and hearing aid fitting, respectively.

These technologies have disrupted the traditional hearing healthcare model, making it possible for more individuals to receive timely and affordable care.

Their Mission

HearX Group’s mission is clear and compelling: they aim to democratize hearing healthcare.

They believe that everyone, regardless of their location or financial means, should have access to high-quality hearing services.

This mission aligns with the World Health Organization’s efforts to address the global hearing loss burden, affecting over 466 million people worldwide.

By leveraging technology, HearX Group has set out to eliminate barriers to hearing healthcare.

They have been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of early hearing detection and intervention, a critical factor in improving the quality of life for those with hearing loss.

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