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Esoko: The Ghanaian Agritech Startup Empowering Farmers Through Tech

Agriculture is the largest sector of the Ghanaian economy, contributing to 54% of GDP and employing about 56% of the workforce.

Ghana’s agricultural sector is predominantly smallholder, with about 80% of farms being less than 2 hectares in size.

Ghana’s government has implemented several policies to promote agricultural development, including the Planting for Food and Jobs program, which provides farmers with subsidized fertilizers and other inputs.

Despite the government’s efforts, Ghana’s agricultural sector faces several challenges, including low productivity, poor infrastructure, and climate change.

However, tech startups are using various technologies to solve agriculture challenges in Ghana.

One such startup is Esoko.

Who is Esoko?

Esoko is a dynamic and innovative agritech startup based in Ghana, Africa.

Founded with a profound commitment to transforming agriculture through technology, the company has quickly become a symbol of innovation and empowerment within the agricultural sector.

What Do They Do?

At its core, Esoko is a platform that bridges the gap between farmers, markets, and vital agricultural information.

Established in 2005, Esoko offers up-to-the-minute data on market prices, along with three-day weather forecasts and valuable agricultural advice, all delivered through text messages.

Catering to a user base of a million farmers, with a fifty-per cent concentration in Ghana, the remaining farmers are distributed across 19 other African nations.

Agents within Esoko’s network diligently track market price changes throughout various African markets, subsequently inputting this information into their centralized database.

Leveraging the power of mobile technology and data analytics, the platform provides farmers with real-time information on market prices, weather forecasts, agricultural best practices, and more.

This information equips farmers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, maximize yields, and improve their productivity.

Mission and Vision

Esoko’s mission is straightforward yet transformative: to empower African farmers with timely and relevant information that leads to improved productivity and economic prosperity.

They envision a future where technology facilitates a thriving agricultural ecosystem, fostering sustainable growth, and reducing poverty across the continent.

Esoko’s impact stretches beyond Ghana’s borders, extending to other African countries facing similar agricultural challenges.

By scaling its solutions and partnering with local organizations, Esoko is contributing to a continental transformation in the way farming communities access information and resources.

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