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iProcure: The Kenyan Startup Leveraging Tech to Revolutionize the Agricultural Supply Chain in Africa

Smallholder farmers in rural Africa face a number of challenges in accessing the agricultural inputs they need, including high prices, limited access, and a lack of information.

This inefficiency and opacity in the agricultural input supply chain can have a significant impact on farmers’ incomes and productivity.

However, in Kenya, iProcure, an agritech startup, has emerged as a beacon of hope and empowerment for farmers and a disruptor that is revolutionizing the agricultural supply chain like never before.

Who is iProcure?

iProcure is a Nairobi-based startup that is working to optimize the agricultural input supply chain in rural Africa.

Founded in 2013, iProcure has developed its distribution infrastructure, connecting major agricultural input suppliers directly to local agro-dealers via its proprietary distribution technology system.

Recognized as one of Kenya’s pioneers of digital agriculture, iProcure leverages technology to bridge the gap between farmers and essential agricultural inputs.

What Do They Do?

iProcure’s core mission revolves around providing farmers with access to quality agricultural inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and more, through a seamless digital platform.

Here’s how they accomplish this:

Digital Ordering Platform: iProcure has developed a user-friendly mobile and web application that allows farmers to order agricultural inputs directly from the comfort of their homes. This eliminates the need for farmers to travel long distances to access these crucial supplies.

Network of Retailers: iProcure collaborates with a vast network of retailers strategically located across rural areas. These retailers serve as collection points, ensuring that farmers can easily pick up their orders.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the quality of agricultural inputs is a top priority for iProcure. They partner with reputable suppliers and provide farmers access to certified products, improving crop yields and quality.

Credit Solutions: To further support smallholder farmers, iProcure offers credit solutions, enabling farmers to access inputs even when they lack immediate funds. This innovative approach fosters financial inclusion in the agricultural sector.

Their Mission:

iProcure’s mission is crystal clear: to empower smallholder farmers with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to increase their agricultural productivity and improve their livelihoods.

They believe that by making high-quality agricultural inputs accessible and affordable, they can contribute to food security and economic growth in rural communities.

What They Have Achieved:

  • Raising over $20 million in funding from investors such as Safaricom, IFC, and Rabobank.
  • Expanding its operations to Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.
  • Building a network of over 10,000 agro-dealers.
  • Supplying over 1 million smallholder farmers with agricultural inputs.


iProcure’s work is having a significant impact on the agricultural sector in Africa.

By optimizing the supply chain, iProcure is helping to reduce the cost of agricultural inputs and make them more accessible to smallholder farmers.

This is leading to increased agricultural productivity and incomes for farmers.

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