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Simon, like many other foreign visitors to Africa, first came to the continent to work in humanitarian aid. A decade later, he is still in Kenya growing Kwangu Kwako, a social enterprise in Kenya that builds affordable houses to replace the metal shacks prevalent in lower income urban areas.
Some worry that Covid-19 will affect the trajectory of Africa’s middle class for years to come. But the middle class also includes a large share of young people age 15-24 who drive consumer trends in food, entertainment, and connectivity. In the aftermath of Covid-19, this generation will exercise an even greater influence on Africa’s consumer demand trends.
Africa’s consumer market is growing. Over the past twenty years, household spending in Sub-Saharan Africa has grown 150% faster than the population. The lack of readily available, reliable, and comprehensive data sets should not deter companies looking to grow in Africa from making informed strategic decisions based on realistic projections.
Much of Africa has warm weather, rich soil, and abundant sunshine necessary to grow high-quality cannabis in open fields. Recent legislative changes in several countries authorizing the cultivation of medical cannabis are placing Africa in a prime position to benefit from the booming legal cannabis market.
Untapped business opportunities abound in Africa’s agriculture sector. Beyond the profits, however, investing in African agriculture offers the rare chance to catalyze growth in a sector that employs more than half of all working people in Sub-Saharan Africa and to move the continent towards food sovereignty.
At Empower Africa, we believe that increasing business and trade on the continent is the only path to sustainable economic growth. We also believe that connecting, communicating, and collaborating with trusted individuals and companies is key to commercial success and private sector expansion.
At this point, pretty much all networking events that have not been canceled have moved online. With winter coming and Covid-19 spiking in many major cities, the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Next time you’re debating whether it’s worth spending time and money to engage in remote networking, remember – virtual networking events can save you time and money while allowing you to connect directly and conveniently with potential connections from across the globe! 
Neglecting proper e-waste disposal doesn’t just pose a risk to human and environmental health. It also represents a wasted business opportunity. We recently caught up with Ghislain Irakoze, a 20-year-old university student at the African Leadership University in Kigali, Rwanda and founder of Wastezon, a social enterprise in the e-waste management field, to find out more about this industry.
Before the pandemic, Africa’s tourism industry was the second-fastest growing in the world. Despite the challenges experienced as a result of COVID-19, Rwanda’s tourism sector is opening up and allowing travelers to safely enjoy what the country has to offer.

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