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The quickly evolving digital economy has made internet connectivity a necessity in today’s world. A fast and reliable internet connection not only creates new job opportunities; it also helps existing businesses perform better and expand their operational capacity.
Did you know that over 525 million people used the internet in Africa in 2019? If current growth trends continue, almost 75% of Africans are expected to come online by 2030.
Africans have been living steadily longer lives over the past 20 years. Despite this progress, however, the average life expectancy at birth in Sub-Saharan Africa is only around 61 years – by far the lowest in the world, and over 10 years lower than the world average of 72.6.
Did you know that the world’s population is expected to reach almost 10 billion people by 2050? Much of this population growth will be in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where population growth is the fastest in the world – over double the rate of growth of South Asia, the world’s next fastest growing region.
Did you know that Botswana’s literacy rate stands at 88.5%? The high literacy rates in Botswana have largely contributed to an empowered workforce, which translates to good business and opportunities for foreign investment.
With the current population at 52.6 million and the median age at 19 years, Kenya will be among the African countries to have the largest workforce in the coming years. National and multinational companies can draw on Kenya’s educated labor pool to staff headquarters or local branches.
On Thursday, Feb 13, 2020, Empower Africa was a proud sponsor of The 2020 OurCrowd Global Investors’ Summit, one of the largest tech conferences in Israel. The Summit brought together thousands of investors and tech entrepreneurs from around the world for a day of learning and networking.
Foreign investment can be very rewarding – but it can also be challenging. Understanding the business landscape in a country you wish to invest in is key to successful foreign investment. And to understand the business landscape, you need to have the right network.
Utilizing land for agriculture in a truly effective and efficient manner requires accurate and up-to-date information about the area. Unfortunately, modern mapping and surveying expertise are often unavailable in Sierra Leone.

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