Early-stage VC firm Antler ventures into North Africa with new $60 million Fund

Antler, the globally renowned early-stage venture capital firm, is expanding its horizons to North Africa by launching a transformative $60 million early-stage fund.

The move marks a significant milestone for the region’s startup ecosystem as Antler seeks to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and drive innovation by providing essential financial support and mentorship.

The $60 million Fund is specifically earmarked to invest in early-stage startups with exceptional promise and potential across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence.

North Africa has increasingly gained traction as a fertile ground for startups and innovation, with many entrepreneurs tackling complex challenges and developing disruptive solutions.

With Antler’s entry into the scene, aspiring founders can now access the resources and support needed to turn their visionary ideas into reality.

Antler adopts a unique approach to investing by building companies from the ground up, providing selected founders with an initial capital injection and an immersive program that offers hands-on support, mentorship, and access to a vast global network of experts and investors.

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