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Flutterwave and Microsoft Partner to Accelerate Payment Innovation and Small Business Growth in Africa

Flutterwave, a leading African payments company, has entered into a five-year technology collaboration with Microsoft to build an upgraded platform on Microsoft Azure.

The goal of the partnership is to accelerate payment innovation and small business growth across Africa.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are crucial for Africa’s development, employing around 90% of people.

However, African SMEs face steep challenges, including limited access to financial services and seamless local payment methods.

Flutterwave has advanced the democratization of payments in Africa by enabling multiple modes of payment, such as cards and mobile wallets.

By partnering with Microsoft, Flutterwave aims to revolutionize business payments across the continent further.

By transitioning to Azure, Flutterwave can securely process large-scale, high-volume payments for smoother customer experiences.

Azure OpenAI also enables Flutterwave to expand its offerings to millions of global merchants.

For Flutterwave, this collaboration is about more than transactions – it’s about transformation.

Flutterwave Founder and CEO GB Agboola expressed excitement that Microsoft believes in Flutterwave’s capability to create an inclusive digital Africa.

As part of the partnership, Flutterwave will also launch solutions on Azure Marketplace, extending its reach.

Microsoft Africa President Lillian Barnard said increased technology access and innovation hold the key to thriving local businesses and stronger African economies.

Building the next-generation platform on Azure solidifies the shared vision of boosting financial inclusion and prosperity through technology.

The collaboration unites Microsoft’s and Flutterwave’s goals of digitally empowering SMEs.

By leveraging Azure’s capabilities, Flutterwave seeks to unlock the full potential of digital payments for African businesses to drive economic growth.

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